I’m a cyclist in snowy Kitchener, Ontario. I enjoy functional programming and mucking with data.


2003–2008. Bachelor of Software Engineering, University of Waterloo.


2014–present. Scala/Clojure developer at Sortable. Ad tech integrations with all the major vendors. Big data ingestion, storage and query frameworks built on Hive, Spark and Presto.

2011–2014. Scala developer at Snapsort Inc. Consumer recommendation engine website. Web crawling at scale. Running infrastructure on AWS. Data modelling.

2008–2010. C#/C++ developer at Microsoft Corp. Contributed authentication frameworks to the Windows Identity Framework in .NET and Active Directory Federation Services 2.0.

2006–2008 (internships). C#/C++ developer at Microsoft Corp.

2005. VB.NET software consulting to school boards.

2003-2004 (internships). Java developer at Arius Software Corp.

Open Source

Manu. I created a library, command-line tools and web server for manipulating and serving timeseries data. It’s called Manu.

Stanford NLP. I contributed a patch to the Stanford part of speech tagger that improved its tagging throughput by 50% for English languages, and 300-400% for non-English languages.


Patents. Software patents are a blight on the industry for the most part. The one I was granted is definitely part of the blight.