It’s crazy how much of the day-to-day job of a knowledge worker revolves around copying and pasting.

Developer? You probably copy and paste from StackOverflow. It’s a whole thing.

White-collar worker? You probably shuffle data into and out of reports and dashboards.

Heck, even this BC Supreme Court judge says copying and pasting became an integral part of managing his caseload.

In every job I have worked, I have had to write glue code to call APIs and dump the results into CSVs. I have copied and pasted stuff from crappy web portals into Google Sheets, then painstakingly lined up the data to do some analysis. The last company I worked at built an entire business around a subset of this pain.

So it’s probably no surprise that I think there’s a lot of opportunity to make APIs more accessible and less painful for many, many people. And that’s what SyncWith is trying to do. Call any API, for example Google Analytics, see your data, export it into Google Sheets, and keep it up to date, with no ongoing effort on your part.

Give it a try!