Jenn and some friends had been maintaining a database of sewing patterns scattered across some Google docs and Shopify metafields. She took the time to polish it up and release it as an online sewing pattern database.

It’s called My Next Make. Apparently sewists like to noun verbs just as much as techies!

The database originally served to help recommend patterns to go with different types of fabrics–knits, wovens, canvas, etc. Its focused primarily on independent designers who publish A0 printer-friendly PDFs. As a result, it’s mainly paid patterns, but there are a smattering of free ones.

It seems kind of wild that this doesn’t exist in a usable form yet. The site currently tracks about 500 patterns, with new patterns from over 50 designers being added each week.

Every page that lists patterns can be filtered to free/paid or knits/wovens. Jenn hopes to add more advanced filtering parameters in the future, but even without them, it’s still a great resource for discovering new PDF patterns.

Anyway, check out My Next Make and let Jenn know what you think!